The Ombuds Program is a confidential, neutral, informal (off-the-record) and independent resource that operates separately from company traditional channels, protects the identity of its users, does not maintain detailed records and does not accept legal notice on behalf of the company with respect to any claim or matter. We do not conduct investigations. We work with employees to help them generate options on how to resolve any work related concern. The Ombuds Program is not a formal reporting channel.

Warning: Do not include any technical/export-controlled/classified data that may be regulated by any country's export controls regulations with your submission.

This website is one way to contact RTX’s Ombuds Program. This tool is for the use of RTX employees and other stakeholders. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

You may use this system to begin a discussion of any work-related concern. You may also call the Ombuds Office toll-free at 800-871-9065 to speak with us. If you are calling from outside the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico, please remember to dial the AT&T Direct Access number to the USA first, which may be found at

The Ombuds CAN:

  • Listen with an open mind
  • Remain impartial and neutral
  • Help clarify an issue, policies or procedures
  • Help identify and evaluate options for resolving an issue
  • Refer you to another helpful resource
  • Facilitate discussion between individuals
  • Provide coaching
  • Assist in surfacing concerns
  • Act as an early warning system by sharing general trends with management
  • Act as a “change agent” by helping to rectify or prevent problematic systemic issues
  • Maintain strict confidentiality unless there is an imminent risk of serious harm

The Ombuds CANNOT:

  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Make binding decisions
  • Replace or supersede formal resources (eg., Office of General Counsel, Ethics & Compliance or Human Resources)
  • Serve as formal notice to RTX regarding any claim
  • Serve as an advocate for anyone
  • Maintain detailed records
  • Provide legal advice

Please note that issues covered by collective bargaining/union agreements should be raised using the issue-resolution mechanism created under the agreement.

All Ombuds communications are strictly confidential, with the exception of those regarding imminent risk of serious harm. Only a RTX Ombuds reporting to RTX’s corporate headquarters will have access to your submission. Your identity will remain confidential; however, you may remain anonymous if you choose. Information sent via this website is encrypted during transmission. Our records are purged after a case is closed, with only anonymous, aggregate statistical information retained.

We aim to answer your initial submission within 2 business days.

Privacy Notice Supplement

The Ombuds Program is subject to the Employee Privacy Notice for employees and the General Privacy Notice for all others. This Privacy Notice Supplement is additional, program-specific information.

Unless local law requires that you identify yourself, such as in France, all personal information you provide is entirely voluntary. If you must identify yourself, the only information that you will be required to provide is your name.

The personal information that you provide will only be used: (1) to resolve your inquiry; (2) with all identifying information removed and in an aggregate form, for statistical and reporting purposes; (3) in the case of the sale or transfer of some or all of the assets of RTX, to transition to a new owner; and (4) as may be required by law.

All personal information you provide is entirely voluntary, although as noted if you submit in France you must include a name. Once a case is closed in this system, all correspondence and personal information will be purged automatically after 30 days in order to preserve confidentiality.

Legal Notice

In jurisdictions where use of this site is restricted by local law or regulation, use of this site is voluntary and constitutes your consent to the collection, reporting and processing of the information you provide, with confidentiality maintained.

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